Friday, December 17, 2010

Italian Fig Cookies

This recipe is from the Fazio family. Sandy was my chiropractor and her daughter Janine worked for me at the Caffe. I am so happy they shared it with me because they are so delicious and bring back memories! We caught up on Facebook the last couple of years. This is why I love facebook.

Cooks note: I used a little less honey than what was called for. The nut and fruit mixture is not wet and not dry. I cut my dough into squares and then placed a ball of the mixture in the middle and folded like a cannoli or made a little pouch by bringing all the corners together in the center.
I added little colored beads to mine after brushing with the egg wash and again after icing. RAVE reviews! Thanks again for sharing your recipe!

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  1. I love Cucidati's. My grandmother had the best recipe for them. She used regular pinapple instead of the candied. I still have her old food grinder!! These look wonderful :)