Friday, December 17, 2010

Italian Fig Cookies

This recipe is from the Fazio family. Sandy was my chiropractor and her daughter Janine worked for me at the Caffe. I am so happy they shared it with me because they are so delicious and bring back memories! We caught up on Facebook the last couple of years. This is why I love facebook.

Cooks note: I used a little less honey than what was called for. The nut and fruit mixture is not wet and not dry. I cut my dough into squares and then placed a ball of the mixture in the middle and folded like a cannoli or made a little pouch by bringing all the corners together in the center.
I added little colored beads to mine after brushing with the egg wash and again after icing. RAVE reviews! Thanks again for sharing your recipe!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Time Food, Sweets and Traditions

Drew and I are adding some of our favorite photos of Christmas traditions during the month of December!


Crab Pasta


Panettone is a holiday tradition!

Our mom is famous for this red outfit at Christmas.

We are sitting down to our traditional "Wedding Soup" as a starter on Christmas Day.

Made a bunch of Pizzelle with my friend Anna the other night.

Here is my old Pizzelle recipe from the Caffe.

I love the old pieces of paper these recipes were written on.. this book had all my restaurants secrets in it!

Sprinkles add a festive touch to coffee drinks!