Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grilled Pizza! My new summer favorite

I have seen this done so many times and decided to try it this year. It couldn't be easier. You do need to have all your ingredients at the grill because it goes super fast. So far I have done it like this:

Basic Pizza Dough recipe ( I will post a new variation with bread flour and semolina that was inspired by Jamie Oliver)

Make sure to turn up your grill to high to preheat.

Cut dough in half if using 3 cups of flour for your recipe and roll it out on a board or peel.

Rub some olive oil on the top of the crust or spray with Pam.

Before you roll the dough or while it's sitting on the board cut up some really good tomatoes and toss with fresh basil and some extra good virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Let them sit and the flavors will blend.

Have your cheese out of the fridge for about an hour if possible so it's not super cold when it hits the pizza. I use slices of provolone or mozzerella.. but you could be creative here. It is not a very cheesy pizza so use less cheese than normal.

I sliced some onions really thin and chopped up a clove or 2 of garlic really fine as well. Then I quickly saute them in a pan with a little oil or on a grill over the bbq till they get a bit soft.

You can also fry some bell peppers, mushrooms, and have some marinated artichokes, black or green olives.. use your imagination here.

Now get ready!

Lower your grill to medium to medium high heat. Put your pizza olive oil side down on the grill and leave it alone for at least a few minutes. Check the underside and continue to cook till you see some nice grill marks and it feels crispy underneath.
cooks note: This can be the tricky part. KNOW your grill. A too hot grill will burn the dough before it's cooked.. just experience this first hand last night at a friends house. It should be med to med-high..
Try this alone before you invite friends over just so you can make adjustments.

Turn it and immediately place your cheese on top. Close the grill lid for a few minutes. Then add your onion and garlic and cook a bit longer ( 1 to 2 minutes) and then top with your tomato mixture. You can also add peppers, olives or whatever else you want to put on. ( All ingredients must be pre-cooked as there is no time on the grill ) IT GOES FAST!

Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top before serving.

Get it off the grill and add some hot pepper seeds if you like them and start eating!

Try it and you will see how easy it is and no hot oven in the kitchen!


  1. Theresa made this for me last weekend and it was amazing. I can't want to try it now.

  2. Mary VinciguerraJuly 28, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    We tried the pizza the other night and loved it.

    Just mad I didn't take any leftovers !!!

  3. Fantastic new spin on Pizza ! I loved it and it was super light and full of flavor. Especially in the summer months when you want out of the kitchen and are looking for a lighter menu ! Fantastico !

  4. The best pizza ever!! Theresa does it again!!!!

  5. Hey T --we made the grilled pizza two times this weekend! We even had cheese directly from Italy!! It was SOOOOO yummy!! LOVE your blog!!

    Bridgette from Austin, TEXAS