Friday, February 19, 2010

Pizza Night with my Friends


  1. Top right is a quattro formaggi Pizza
    and the one on the left is Hot Italian Sausage and peppers with onion and garlic topped with fresh basil.

  2. Theresa,
    Your pizzas are THE BEST!!! Fresh, healthy, mouth-watering ingredients and the ease with which you created them have inspired me to master my skills, so that I, too, can share with my family and friends.
    Thank you for a very special Friday get-together!
    Sincerely, Marilyn Elder

  3. that Pizza looks kick ASS!

  4. Had a great time and the pizza's were FABULOUS! Maybe even me, the non cook could do it as you do made it look easy. xxoo deb

  5. Pizza night was wonderful! The company, the wines, the appetizers, the salads, and desserts were a perfect supporting cast to the stars of the evening - Theresa V's PIZZAS!!! Wow. They were so flavorful - delicious. It was inspiring. You made it look so easy - casually producing 6 different combination pizzas right before my eyes. Did I mention the crust?? Perfecto in flavor and texture and thickness. Thank you - I'm there! I'm going to attempt a V pizza. - TB
    P.S. I had my "can't eat another bite" to-go slices for breakfast - Cold; mm, a different delicious.

  6. The weather change is making me want one of these pizzas!