Monday, August 8, 2011

Focaccia Focaccia!

This is a photo of my Gram, me and my brother Vince from 1955.

Here is the olive and rosemary focaccia baked and ready to eat!

Here is the tomato and onion one that I sprinkled with cheese and fresh basil.

My gram made the best focaccia ever. She made it all the time and usually it just had tomatoes and onions on it, and a sprinkling of pecorino cheese and maybe some oregano. It had lots of great olive oil flavor and was spongy on the inside and crusty on the outside. We loved it and never realized what a treat it was because this was " our normal". We didn't know that not everyone got together on Sunday and had delicious plates of meatballs and pasta, with chunks of meat in the sauce. We were used to really delicious food, all the time.

I have my gram's focaccia recipe which I'm going to try again but wanted to try Nancy Silverton's recipe that I found online. There is also a video demonstration.

I made the recipe this past weekend and it was very delicious. I did one with kalamata olive and rosemary, and the other with onion and fresh tomato from my garden. After it was baked, I sprinkled some pecorino on it and some thin slivers of fresh basil. They were both a hit.

It was a lot of work, so next time I will double the recipe. My grams recipe calls for 5 lbs of flour! So you can imagine how much focaccia she made at a time.. enough to have and feed an army.

You can find the recipe online by using google. Nancy Silverton focaccia recipe and video.


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